RAILROAD BOOM LIFT for sale RR19-500 | 19 METER Working height

The powerhouse for the rail

19 m Working height
13,80 m lateral reach
Manufacturer: Platform Basket
500kg payload

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The RR19-500 is the only machine of its kind on the market with 19 meters working height and 13.80 meters lateral reach. The work platform is designed for use on the track and is approved according to RIL931 DB (German standard). A variety of features make the machine a workhorse for the track, including automatic leveling in superelevation. This allows the machine to maintain almost its complete working diagram up to a cant of 200mm.  

Working platform for working on rail

Powerful, extremely maneuverable and safe for work on the rail at heights of up to 19 meters - The RR19 is the big sister of the RR14 our bestseller in the category of Rail road working platforms.
The machine is easy to transport to the job site, normally by flatbed truck. Despite its enormous reach, the machine remains compact in its dimensions. With 500kg basket capacity, it is unique and incomparable. The RR19 compensates elevations of up to 200mm self-leveling and allows travel speeds of up to 15km/h. 
Thanks to the all-wheel drive and the 4-wheel steering, the machine can be entered easily, optionally with radio remote control. The package is rounded off with numerous optional features such as a generator, auxiliary engine, remote diagnostics or other comfort options.

The consistent further development of our bestseller RR14

With more than 100 machines sold, our RR machines are the absolute orderers in the German-speaking region. With the RR19, we continue the attention to detail and consistent innovation in the field of two-way technology. As well as the RR14EVO3 the RR19-500 is also equipped with the same features that have made our machines so successful.



  • Standard track width: 1435mm, other track widths on request

  • Hydrostatic rail driving and braking system

  • Max. Driving speed 15 km/h

  • Multiple driving modes: 4WD/2WD/dog gear

  • Unique matching between work platform and chassis

  • All-wheel steering for improved single track driving

  • Auto leveling to compensate for over elevation or sloping position

  • Diagnostic display for easy maintenance

Statisches Arbeitsdiagramm RR19-500 auf Schiene

Choose between different types of drive

All models of Platform Basket can be ordered with different types of drives. Choose between the following options.


PLANNED: Electric + Battery

Electric motor + battery pack


Standard: Diesel

Combustion engine + generator


PLANNED: Diesel + Battery

Combustion engine + battery pack

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The RR19-500 has 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering, powerful STAGE V Hatz engine and an oscillating axle. This is how the machines makes it easy for you to get on and out of the rail.

With the optional SCANRECO radio remote control, you can enjoy the operation of the complete machines outside the working cage. This facilitates operations with limited space or enables crane operation (in planning for 2025).

The main feature of our machines from the RR family. The oscillating axle and the self-leveling platform. The oscillating axle increases driving comfort on road or rail by compensating for unevenness. On slopes, the self-leveling feature helps to keep the working diagram even over the entire working area. 

With us, you get a personal contact person in case of difficulties with the machine. Our customer portal also provides you with quick assistance in the event of errors or problems, which minimizes downtimes. With the help of our remote diagnostics, you also get our service access to machine data, this can be helped quickly and easily.


Reasons for RR19-500

Standard equipment

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Worldwide bestseller
The RR family is the market leader worldwide with more than 1,000 machines
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Developed with operators
Feedback from operators is taken up and implemented in development
Kunze_RR_19-DD500_2022-11-15 1
No one can more
19 meters working height - 13.80 meters lateral reach. That really says it all.
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Unique design
Designed for and by operators for rail use

Standard track width: 1435mm, hydrostatic track drive and brake system, multiple drive modes: 4WD/2WD/crab, all-wheel steering for improved tracking, automatic leveling to compensate for overhang, quick release for additional tools instead of work basket (e.g. cable winch). winch), radio remote control to engage and disengage, hand box, first aid box, fire extinguisher + holder, extra light in the work basket, Zetfon warning horn, lift height limitation (OLE key switch), 1 x escapement shoe, display 4,3" in the work basket

Options and accessories

Different circumstances in the application require flexible adaptations. The accessories have been developed by our manufacturers based on customer requirements. Select your individual stage equipment.


Grounding devices


Swing limit


Driving camera


Driver's seat


We prefer to let others speak for us

Read more about our references and why we are your perfect partner for track access.

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