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With us you will find your desired scissor lift as used & new equipment cheap & inexpensive.
A scissor lift is available in 2 different versions. The heavy, robust devices for outdoor use, as well as the narrow & light for indoor use. Due to its large working platform, such a lifting platform facilitates the work on the ceiling or directly on walls and is therefore a very good alternative to expensive scaffolding. 

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"We're dealing ELS Lift scissor lifts since 2013. From KUNZE your buying scissor lifts that are tested from TÜV, CE compliant, and easy to operate and maintain. "
Charly Kunze


When deciding whether your scissor lift should be a used or a new device, we can gladly help you with competent advice. In this way, we are sure to find the right lift with the appropriate lifting capacity and working diagram for you. ELS LIFT is our manufacturer for high quality scissor lifts. For a used scissor lift, our sales policy is: Top quality - fair price!
If you want to buy a scissor lift, besides the desired working height, the dead weight is also crucial. Depending on the application, the platform size should also be an important point in your decision making.

Scissor lifts are often used in industrial environments. In many cases, the purchase of a scissor lift is worthwhile when it comes to permanent maintenance or troubleshooting work at height. Scissor lifts can be electric, diesel or bi-powered. A support, on the other hand, is useful outdoors to compensate for unevenness.  You can also buy outdoor scissor lifts from KUNZE, just contact us directly. We will find the right equipment for you. 
Prices for scissor lifts vary from approx. 4,000 EUR for small models up to 40-50,000 EUR for heavy-duty scissor lifts for outdoor use.

Buy scissor lifts at KUNZE

Buy scissor lifts at KUNZE

Scissor lifts can be controlled and moved from the platform. They offer enough space for people and tools thanks to the large platform. You can buy scissor lifts from us in various designs, from extra narrow to extra wide, less load capacity for 2 people or extra load capacity for up to 3 people and additional tools and material.


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